Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sonny and Juzy

I've spent the past three days organizing and post-processing the photos from the wedding we shot last Saturday (because I have to deliver them to Kix ASAP) and so, I decided to put up an album for that wedding first (before the older albums that I'm also working on.) So, HERE are some of the photos from that early-morning wedding.

Kix and I had two meetings with Sonny and Juzy prior to the wedding. From the start, they had emphasized that they wanted their wedding to be unique yet solemn. The most obvious sign of this was the time of the ceremony, which was 5AM. With regard to the photo coverage, they didn't want posed shots during the ceremony and during the program at the reception. No table-hopping or per-table photos either. I thought it was going to be a challenge for me to deviate from how I'm used to taking photos at weddings. On the contrary, it felt more natural for me.

Of course, we also had the obligatory portrait session. Juzy was an easy subject to shoot. Very expressive. She kept making funny faces and then her face would suddenly turn serious. I had fun trying to capture all of that with my camera.

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