Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Adeline Kaytlin

I have to say that so far, I have been very lucky with my clients. Everyone has been so nice and sweet. No weirdos, no lunatics...But for a moment, I thought that was going to change when I met Kim. She contacted me to inquire about my baptism services for her cousin's baby. We talked on the phone before agreeing to meet up to sign the contract and to discuss some of the details. I met up with Kim just a couple of days before the event. She seemed very friendly, and even kwela...until she started referring to herself in the third person...Hmmm...Then just before I grabbed my things and split, she explained that "the cousin" was actually her husband's cousin and is also named Kim. Yun naman pala...whew! Hehehe. (Loko lang, Kim!:D)

Side story: I was only going to photograph the baptism reception (the ceremony was held the day before) which was scheduled for November 19--yep, the day of Pacquiao's big fight. Pete was very disappointed when he found out that the fight wasn't going to start until around lunchtime (we had PPV) because that meant we weren't going to be able to finish it as we had to leave for the baptism at around 1:15PM. he must have prayed really hard because just a couple of minutes before we were supposed to leave, the knock-out happened!:D

The venue for the reception was the Ayala Alabang Country Club. We kinda lost our way inside Ayala Alabang. I guess we were expecting the typical club house which is usually the biggest structure inside a subdivision, but my gosh! Every other house looked like a club house!

Anyway, enough with the kwentos...

Kim (the cousin) and his family were really nice. Pete and I didn't have a hard time at all talking to them and working for them. It also helped that Kim (the lady) was there to help me out with the photo sessions. The waiters were very courteous, even to "outsiders" like us. And the food...yum-o!:D For the first time since I started covering events, I was actually tempted to go for seconds. Hehehe. But of course, I didn't.;)

Below are some of the photos from the baptism.

Please click here for the photo gallery.

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