Thursday, November 16, 2006


One of the first things that Andrea said when she saw me was "You look familiar..." Now, I've heard that line hundreds of times before because apparently, I have a very common face and I always seem to look like someone's cousin or a classmate's friend's neighbor. But the way she said it told me that Andrea had actually seen me before, and I started to panic for a moment. I don't really like talking about my college days so I crossed my fingers that she wouldn't start talking about being in the same class under the same terror professor. It turned out to be worse than that. She knew me from high school! Back when I wore braces, had glasses, with long thick unruly hair (ok, so the hair is still there...hehehe), and wore a short-sleeved barong and tablecloth skirt as a school uniform! Eek! Hehehe. Andrea and her husband Ramil were freshmen when I was a senior in Pisay! Small world!:D

Anyway, Andrea's was the last one of the free maternity portraits that I did for October. We initially scheduled it for October 30, but I asked her if we could reschedule, and we agreed to do it on November 5 at UP.

Andrea and Ramil are such a sweet young couple. I wish them all the luck in preparing for their first child. I know they will be great parents.

Here are some of the photos from Andrea's maternity session...Andrea looks a lot like a certain celebrity...I just can't remember who.

And with that, I'm happy to announce that my rates for maternity sessions are ready. Please email me at for inquiries. As promised, I will be giving out discounts to the first few ladies who will avail of this service.;) If you guys know of anybody interested, please send them my way.:) Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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