Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pete!:)

Let me just break myself away from work for a few minutes to salute a person who has been such an inspiration to me for the past 8 years--most especially these past few months. This photo, which I took during a shoot yesterday, pretty much sums up who Pete is in my life. He is my superhero. We have weathered through many super typhoons together, and he never once left my side. He also helps me clean up the mess after.:D AND, of course, he carries around my camera bag and other equipment for me. Hehehe.

But seriously, Pete has about twenty engineers reporting to him at work, and his job requires a lot of hours. And yet, he doesn't mind driving me around, carrying my photo equipment, helping me set up, and being the dutiful photographer's assistant...all for free. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is. I wanted us to celebrate our anniversary (which we weren't able to celebrate last November 4 because I had a shoot...no, actually WE had a shoot.:D) and his birthday last Saturday but we weren't able to as he got tied up at work. Today, I made him promise to NOT work for 16 hours, as he has been doing very often the past few weeks. Unfortunately, this time I am the one who has deadlines to meet so we probably wouldn't be able to celebrate today, either. We'll see.

Anyway, Pete usually likes to keep his birthday low-key. But I say he deserves a grand celebration. And since I couldn't do that, this is my way of telling the world (err...the five or so people who read this, anyway...hehehe) what a great person he is, and how I am honored to have him in my life.

Happy 27th birthday, Pete!:)


  1. hi ging! wow, happy bday to pete! we didn't know it was ur anniv the day before our shoot. hehe!anyway, belated happy anniv na din. :)

  2. hi ging... Happy Birthday to Pete! *smile*

  3. hi ging!
    it was your anniversary pala when you covered rea's baptism; thanks for accepting the job even if you had to sacrifice that day. today is pete's bday and i know why you can't celebrate... double thanks to both of you :) and happy birthday again pete!

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  5. thanks guys! thanks din daw sabi ni pete.:D

    arlene and andrea, may mga utang pa ako sa inyo. i'm working as hard as i can para matapos ko na agad. sensya na po...:D

    hi mel! thanks for dropping by! musta kina vera and jon!:)

  6. happy birthday pete!

    Nice shot ging!

  7. Thanks honey. You never fail to surprise me...I am very touched...

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to text and greet me. It certainly brightened up my day.

  8. Happy birthday Pete!!! :)

    - Che

  9. hi ging, remember me from r***c? :D

    ikaw pala yung ging lorenzo na lagi kong nababasa sa blog ng mga wawies. sabi ko na nga ba the name rang a bell. :) i didn't know that you and pete were into photography. sayang, sana last year ko pa nalaman. hehe! great shots! :)

    belated happy birthday pete! :)

  10. hi vannie! musta ka na?

    of course we remember you...namention ka nga when we were talking with the old boss last week about UP people who came and went. hehehe. special mention ka pa kasi sandaling-sandali ka lang!:D

    thanks for dropping by!

  11. Belated happy birthday, Pete! Mukha ka talagang "superhero" sa picture, a! I'm sure you and Ging are each other's heroes (ay, mushy!).

    Btw, Ging - your pics look even better and better every time I visit your website!

    Belated happy anniv din and I wish you both all the best.

  12. joy! musta na!:) ikaw na ba next na kukuhanan ko ng maternity?;)

    thanks for the greetings. and thanks for dropping by!:)


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