Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Niña and Jeph

This is not an engagement pictorial. Niña is Pete's younger sister. For her 21st birthday last September (day of typhoon Milenyo), Pete and I gave her a photo frame set with the note "Photos to follow." Then it took us over a month before we could finally find time to do the photoshoot.

Pete and I did a 2-hour photoshoot with Niña and her boyfriend Jeph at a playground near UP and by my favorite building in UP(...NOT!). Here are some of the shots from that session.

I will be putting up a gallery of the other photos from Niña and Jeph's pictorial...when I get the time.:D But do watch out for that!;)


  1. ganda! hehe.. thanks sobra sa birthday gift!! gusto ko in particular ung 1st, ung nasa swing, and ung last.:) looking forward to seeing the other pics.:)

  2. hey. glad you liked them.:D tapusin ko pa yung iba. saka ka na pumili kung alin gusto mo ilagay sa frames.:D

  3. Aba, Egs, parang ang ganda ng hair mo.. :P Naks, may costume change pa! Hehehe...

    Nice pictures. I do like the pic sa swing the best. :)


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