Friday, January 11, 2008

Keith Tyler: 1st Birthday

24 November 2007

I did Arianne's maternity portraits over a year ago, when Keith was just around 8 months in her tummy. About two months ago, James, Arianne, (along with Keith), who are now based in Singapore, came home to celebrate Keith's 1st birthday. Keith is actually Pete's inaanak and the last time we saw him before the party was during his baptism in January 2007, when he was just a couple of months old. So, it was a delight for us to see him again, this time more active and so much bigger.

The party was held at the Bounce Inflatable Parties. This was my second time to photograph a kiddie party there, and as I said before, this is the kind of party that even the little kids get to enjoy. Keith wasn't even walking on his own yet, but he seemed to have fun crawling around on the padded floors and playing with whatever he could get his hands on in the play area.

Here are some fun shots from the party:

Yes, there's a baby in there somewhere...

Three generations: Keith with Mommy Arianne and her mom.

Three generations: Keith with Daddy James and his dad.

The birthday family with Ally and Missy, who are also our friends from college.

More pictures HERE!

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