Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outdoor family pictorial

My December was so full, but when Ria asked if I could squeeze in a pre-event pictorial for her baby girl Faith, I couldn't refuse for a couple of reasons: 1. She seemed so excited about it that I felt I just couldn't let her down; 2. She agreed to an outdoor shoot, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. You see, most of the pre-event pictorials I've done so far have been in a playroom, which is also great, but I was excited to do something different this time.

Ria and I texted back and forth about a week before the event but we didn't actually finalize the exact location until about...I don't know...45 minutes before the shoot? Hehehe. We did agree to do it somewhere in the Manila area, because I'm from Q.C. and she's from Las Pinas and we figured Manila was a fair halfway in between. We did end up doing the photoshoot at the Luneta Park because even though neither of us has been to this historic spot for decades, we were sure we could find nice spots to take pictures. And we were right.

Even before Ria, her hubby Fed, and Faith arrived, I started scouting for nice spots and I found this lovely arched gate. I started with some family shots just to get them comfortable with the camera.

Oh yeah, they came in matching colors, which was a nice touch.:)

I soon found out Faith was not at all difficult to photograph. She's such a happy baby who smiles readily for the camera.:)

Here are a couple of my favorite shots of Faith. These were taken after Mommy slipped her into a more comfortable outfit, and after she had her bottle of milk.:)

This is my favorite shot of the family because they really look like they're having fun here. And the expression on Faith's face is just too precious.

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