Friday, May 09, 2008

The Mother's Day contest winner!

I know this has been a slow blogging week for me. Well, it's actually been a slow everything week because I'm not exactly in top shape yet. Pete brought me to the clinic yesterday and the doctor said I have laryngitis, which was what I suspected from day one. But at least now I have the right meds so I will hopefully be feeling much better soon.

Ok, let's get down to business. I promised I would announce the winner of the free Mother's Day photo session today. Both judges agreed on the choice of the winner. I asked them for their comments, and here is what each of them had to say.

Ruth: "Thanks so much Ging for the opportunity to be part of your worthwhile project. It is a privilege. I'm once again reminded how mothers should be treasured if only for their deep love for their children. All the entries were great and showed how much each mom deserve to be called as such. However, the winner I picked won me over with the "front-row seat" concept because that is a wonderful way to describe motherhood. Likewise, I personally believe that mothers were chosen by God to personally take care of a tiny human being and have the firsthand experience and opportunity to influence and witness him/her grow up to be the wonderful individual s/he is meant to be. No other accomplishment in this world can beat that and I'm sure a lot of your blog readers would agree :)"

Lyra: "Ruth and I had a difficult time judging the entries. Motherhood is something I'm still getting to know and reading the entries makes me very excited to meet my little one soon. The most heart tugging entry for us is Mec's. It celebrates motherhood by reminding us that it is not a job but a privilege. To be gifted and entrusted with the welfare of another human being is the most awesome experience of all."

So, there you have it. Our official winner is Mommy Mec, and you can read her entry HERE. Congratulations, Mec! Expect an email from me soon.:)

And to everyone who joined the contest, I would like to thank all of you again. I read all the entries myself and they were all beautiful and touching. I am not yet a mom myself, but I know how important a mother's role is in every person's life, and I do believe each of you deserve to be honored not just on Mother's Day but every day of the year. You guys ROCK!:)


  1. congrats mec! ang galing! sya rin bet ko eh. hehe. thanks ging for the great concept and thanks to the judges as well!

  2. Jacqueline: congrats sis!!!
    mec sexy: bakit?
    mec sexy: nde pako buntis ulit!
    Jacqueline: di ko pa nabasa mga entries nyo pero im sure maganda sayo!
    mec sexy: nde ko pa check
    Jacqueline: gagi, nanalo ka kay ging!
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: sinabi na nya?
    Jacqueline: eh ikaw lang naman si mommy mec e!
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    mec sexy: nde nga?
    Jacqueline: yup, kakatingin ko lang! ang saya!
    mec sexy: waahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    mec sexy:
    mec sexy: check ko muna
    mec sexy: shef
    Jacqueline: galing!
    mec sexy: kinilabutan ako nanalo ako
    mec sexy: nyahahahahaha
    Jacqueline: bwahaha...ako pa pala nag-announce sayo. hahaha

    so... yeah... that's how i found out... thank you ging... thank you Ruth and Lyra... haaay... thank you lang kaya ko sabihin :)

  3. Congratulations to Mommy Mec! Very deserving winner! :)

    And, thank you so much, Ging, for the privilege of joining.


  4. Wow! Congrats to to MEC! I hope to see you tomorrow! :D


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