Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dennis and Marion: Engagement photo session

Before heading for the crowded cemeteries November 1 of last year, I had the pleasure of shooting an engagement session with a very nice couple. Marion texted me a few weeks before, asking about my engagement pictorial package. We texted back-and-forth a few more times that day before we realized we actually knew each other! I was a couple of batches ahead, but we both went to UP College of Eng'g., and we were even affiliated with the same laboratory (CEL).:)

Since it was a holiday, Pete tagged along to help me out with the shoot. We met up with Dennis and Marion at their church (where they met, where Dennis is a pastor, and where they were going to get married). They treated us to a delicious lunch and nice chitchat before getting on with the pictorial.

As I was going through the raw shots again, I realized I liked a lot of the photos and couldn't decide what to post. I was finally able to cut it down to twelve. And here they are...

They are an easy-going couple and they wanted their session and their photos to be fun so they brought along these funny hats. I love this series.:)

Something a bit more romantic.

It was drizzling that morning, but as soon as we started the shoot, there was bright sunshine all around.:)

I like to capture happy photos and it wasn't very difficult doing that with these two.

This might be my favorite from the session.

I wanted to use the logo of their church in the background.

This was one of the last frames from the shoot. Dennis and Marion chose this shot for their canvas frame.

Please watch out for photos from Dennis and Marion's wedding which I will be posting soon!:)

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