Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Zaz: Baptism

January 4, 2009
National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Makati Skyline

One of my goals for this year is to always keep this blog updated and to post events on time. I don't think I'm doing a good job at it so far because this event took place exactly a month ago. I'll probably try to finish posting all of my January events in the next few days.:D

Zaz's baptism was my second gig for the new year. Yes, that's her full first name. ZAZ. Short, simple, cute, and unique. And her name wasn't the only thing that was out of the ordinary for this baptism. Here are a few details that made this a unique event.

1. Zaz was baptized in the same church where her mom and dad were married exactly six years before. (Note: Her mom and dad were married on January 4, 2003. That's 143.:D)
2. She was baptized by the same priest who officiated her parents' wedding as well.
3. As a symbol of her innocence and simplicity as a baby coming into this world, the priest asked that Zaz be clothed in nothing but a diaper (you know, in case of "accidents") during the ceremony. She wore the nice baptismal gown only after the baptismal rites.
4. The baptism was scheduled at 3pm; the reception at 6:30ish. So, instead of the normal flow where we take photos of the details and do family portraits before the ceremony. We started with the ceremony first, then we went to the hotel to shoot family portraits before the sun went down (Love the sunset at Sofitel!), and then we went up to their room to take photos of the details, before heading for the reception.

Here are some of my favorite images from the event.

Oh yeah, the family is based in Australia, so they were just home for a few weeks for the holidays. Here are some of Zaz's bling.

I would like to thank my friend/client Grette (Renzo's mom)for booking me for this event. (Zaz is her husband's niece.)

Finally, HERE are some more photos from the event.:) Check them out!

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