Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ren + Mae = Cayla

Mae is a "mom-tog" (that is, a mom who has a fancy camera and shoots great photos of her kid/s) and is always shooting fabulous photos of her little Cayla. So, I was very honored when she contacted me to take their family portraits last summer. The family session was also extra special because it was going to be their first set of family photos since Daddy Ren left to take on a new job abroad when Cayla was only a couple of months old. For many months, Cayla only knew her dad as the man in the monitor that she and Mommy would regularly talk to. After almost a year, the family was reunited when Ren flew home for a short vacation. The sad thing about vacations is that they always seem to end too soon. However, I was happy to know (based on Mae's FB updates.:D) that Cayla and Mommy Mae will soon be joining Daddy Ren again! I love happy endings.:)

On a sunny April morning, Pie and I travelled all the way to Clark, Pampanga to shoot this lovely family. It was warm and humid, and Cayla wasn't very comfortable in the heat. But we did get some great outdoor shots before we retired to the cool comfort of McDonald's.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Mae said the grass at the park was green the last time they were there. I didn't mind the dried grass though. I love how they made the photos "warmer".

Cute! Cayla has the best wardrobe a little girl could have!

One of my favorite shots of Cayla...

It was around 8AM when we started and the light was just awesome!

We tried a few things to try to make Cayla smile including having Mae sing to her while lying down on the blanket. Cayla didn't buy any of it. Haha.

After a while, we trooped down to the nearest McDonald's for a quick breakfast. And then we got back to business.

Who knew McDonald's could give you fab lighting?

I love this one.

Cayla looks like a little angel praying here.:)

McDonald's can also provide colorful background.:)

Aside from taking photos of Cayla, Mommy Mae's other hobby is buying super cute clothes for her baby girl! I love love love this yellow-and-black ensemble! Cayla seemed to enjoy it as well.:)

Beautiful family!

And finally, a couple more shots of Cayla cute outfit.

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  1. awww thanks for the beautiful blog about our family ging! thanks for the opportunity to work with you as well. ^_^ with love from NC, USA, the Punsalan Family


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