Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Darla: Newborn portraits

I photographed Darla's baptism a couple of weeks ago but back in April, I first met this little angel when I took her first portraits outside Mommy Christine's womb. It's best to take newborn portraits within the first 10-12 days from birth because you want the baby to be sleeping through the session and babies at this age are easier to "pose". Christine and I have been planning for Darla's pictorial for months--even before we did Christine's maternity session.  We set the session about week after her due date.  However, Darla decided to arrive early, so by the time we did the session, she was almost two weeks old.  And what difference a couple of days can do to a baby!  Even though she was sleeping when I got to their house, she woke up as soon as we started shooting and barely slept throughout.  And she couldn't be bothered with the poses. Hehehe.  She was too cute though so I loved photographing her.  It took us a lot of "tiyaga" but we did end up with pretty great shots.;)

Below are just some of my favorites...

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