Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bella: 1st birthday party

June 5, 2010
Makati Park and Garden

When we got to the venue, the tarp bearing the name of Bella and there were just blue and white balloons all over. I actually had to call Mommy Lheng (the family was just on their way) to make sure I was in the right place. When the set-up was completed, it all finally made sense. And I loved the theme that they chose.

Mommy Lheng and Daddy Ian are two of the nicest clients I've ever had.  Most of the guests came late so the party started late as well. As soon as they arrived though, Ian offered Pie and me brownies.  I understand that clients usually have a thousand things on their mind during their party, so I really appreciate little gestures like that.:)

Below are a few photos from the party...

Loved the cake and cupcakes with yellow duckie toppers!

Some details.

As I said, there were just the blue and white balloons when we got there, and I thought it was an odd color theme to use for a baby girl's party.  But as soon as these rubber duckies were put in place, everything just came together.  And I thought it was a cute theme!

The lovely balloons were by Yanple, by the way.

Here Lheng and birthday girl Bella.

The kids.

I have to admit I forgot the hosts name.:D But he was a great magician!

The birthday family.

Bella enjoying her spaghetti.


After the party, I asked the family for a very short pictorial outside while there was still a bit of sunlight.

My favorite.:)


  1. Hi Ging! Thank so much! We have beautiful photos to keep for life! I haven't finish yet with the photos for the album yet! I am really having a hard time choosing! But I will get in touch with you as soon as I am done. So sorry. (I visit your site from time to time so when you post Bella's photos, I was so excited, I want everyone to see. hahaha!)

  2. Love the theme, so unique yet apt for a kid :) Congrats Mommy Lheng!

    Ging, you shld be a consultant na for kiddie party suppliers after witnessing so many kiddie parties! More power :)

  3. Hi Lheng! Thanks to you and your family as well.:) I'll just wait for your choice shots for the album.

  4. Hi Benz!

    Thank you.:) Kaya nga I'm trying as much as I can to post details of the parties that I cover because I have clients who have told me they get some ideas from the parties I feature here. I'm just glad I could be of some help.:)


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