Monday, October 04, 2010

Kaizen Grady: 1st birthday party

May 16, 2010
Discovery Suites

I was supposed to photograph Kaizen's baptism last December 2009.  However, just a few days before, an unfortunate incident happened, and for the first time (and hopefully the last) since I started shooting events in 2006, I had to cancel on a client.  Michelle was very understanding, of course. And I was so glad I got another chance to work with her and the family a few months later when I  photographed Kaizen's 1st birthday party.

Below are just some of my favorites from the event.

It was all about robots that day.

A little Cookie Monster didn't hurt though.:)

We started shooting at the hotel room where the family was staying in.  We had to wake Kaizen up for the photos, but he was in a great mood as soon as he opened his eyes.

Such a happy baby!

Some details at the party venue.

The birthday family enjoying the program.

Flooch was there to entertain everyone.

I love this photo of Kaizen with Mommy.

The magic show.

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  1. love the pics ging!!! :) thanks for posting! :)



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