Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Franco turns two!

Monday was Franco's 2nd birthday and Pete and I were invited to his Jollibee birthday party last Sunday. I am blogging about this not only because I told Ces I would post our picture here (Hehehe.) but also because this was the first kiddie party that I have been to since I became a photographer where I was not only NOT the official photographer, I was also NOT allowed--FORBIDDEN--to even take my camera out of my bag. (I had my gear with me because I had just finished shooting another event.) Ces, who is a client-turned-colleague-slash-good friend wanted me to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the party as a guest. Besides, she had a whole bunch of photographers (her classmates from her photography class) already covering the event. I always enjoy kiddie parties (even as a photographer) but it was the sitting back and relaxing part that wasn't so easy. I felt my heart jump everytime the host announced another activity and I kid you not, I actually had to make a conscious effort to keep myself from leaping out of my chair and hurrying towards the front of the room when the host said it was time for the "candle-blowing".:D (Weddings are even worse for me, but that's a whole different story. ;))

Anyway, I did keep my word not to use my camera during the party. But when it was over, we decided to take just a few shots. :D




Belated happy birthday, Franco!:) And thanks, Ces and Jon! We'll see you guys again soon!

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