Thursday, September 24, 2009

Calvin: 1st birthday party

July 12, 2009
PSE Auditorium

I have one thing to say about Calvin's grand birthday celebration: details, details, details! I got to the venue early hoping to get shots of Calvin and his family before the party began. They weren't there yet however, and the guys from Kidstar Kastles were just finishing up with the venue set-up. As soon as I stepped inside the PSE Auditorium, I took a deep breath and took in all the fabulousness in front of me. I was glad I got their extra early because I knew I was going to be taking a lot of time in taking pictures of the set-up and the yummy details!

Just look!

This was by far the biggest cake ensemble I have ever seen. The cake in the middle was HUGE and it moved! And there were three more mini cakes that bore Calvin Theodore Pacis which is Calvin's full name (they're on the left side of the photo). Plus there were hundreds of cupcakes!

A closer look at the cupcakes.

The stage.

The colorful ceiling decor by Kidstar Kastles.

Calvin's costume.

The birthday boy. I love his long hair!:D

The smaller kids onstage during a game.

The people in the audience looked more interesting though.;)

Mommy and Daddy picking out winners for the raffle. They had great prizes up for grabs!

Here's Flooch during the magic show.

Kids watching the magic show.

The birthday family.

Blowing of the birthday candle.

I had to keep myself from being caught in the riot at this point.:D

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