Monday, September 14, 2009

Micayla: 1st birthday party

June 20, 2009
Valle Verde 2 Clubhouse

A few weeks before the party, Joyce texted me almost in a panic. She said she didn't have a final venue yet. I haven't met her in person then, but I prayed hard that she would get a venue because I felt that she was someone that I would enjoy working with. Luckily, she got the help of the fabulous Imma of Kidstar Kastles and she was able to book one of the easiest venues to shoot for me. And about her being a great person to work with? I was right.

When we got to the hotel on the morning of the party, I saw the palette of colors for the party, and I knew right away that it wasn't going to be difficult to get wonderful photos. They had already dressed Micayla in her green Tinkerbell costume complete with little green hairpieces. But when I asked Joyce we could dress Micayla in her pink dress instead because I wanted to take pictures with her on the lovely green sofa? If it's too much trouble, then we didn't have to. Really. But she said it was no problem at all and immediately proceeded to change Micayla. As I said, she was great to work with.:)

Below are some of my favorite photos from the event.

Joyce said Micayla CHOSE this pair of shoes (Note: She's only a year old.). When they gave her another pair to try on, she spread out her toes so that her feet wouldn't slide into the shoes. Smart kid!

The Tinkerbell costume.

The fluffy pink dress.

A couple from my favorite series of shots. I love the pink against the green background. And the apples! At first we were trying to get her to let go of them. But then, I realized they worked well in the shots.:)

Party decorations by Kidstar Kastles.

There were a lot of lovely little details that Joyce worked on to make the party unique, including these cute name tags for the kids.

The kids were also given small boxes and some materials (colored glue, glitters, etc.) to decorate them with. At the end of the program, prizes were given to the kids with the most creative boxes.

Of course, we did a short pictorial outside in the middle of the program when the light was just perfect.

Finally, the candle-blowing.

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