Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Kiara: 1st birthday party

June 13, 2009
McDonald's Metropoli

Kiara's party was held the day after Pete and I moved into our new home. Naturally, I was very tired and my allergies were acting up from all the dust and intense heat that I had to endure during the move. But, as always, I had a great client in Agnes that working actually became my stress-reliever. Since parties at McDonald's only last for about two hours, Agnes took the opportunity to have a longer pictorial session with Kiara before the event.

We met at the Malayan Residences where they were checked in about two hours before the start of the party, to take photos of the details and of Kiara. Agnes prepared several outfits for Kiara, and she let me choose the ones I liked. Kiara was a bit shy and wasn't in the mood to smile for the camera. But with the time that we had, we were still able to take great shots of her.

This was Kiara's party outfit.

And these were the cute party giveaways for the guests.

First outfit. Isn't she just the cutest little ballerina you've ever seen?:D

I asked Agnes to give Kiara a twirl.

Kiara was more interested in her mom's cellphone though...

Second outfit.

Daddy Irwin arrived at the hotel and we tried to take some family photos.

But Kiara wasn't in the mood for photos anymore...

Love ko 'to...:D

The colorful cake.

Mommy Agnes seemed to be enjoying the party.

Kids and adults enjoying the games.

In the middle of the party, I asked the birthday family if they wanted to try to take family photos outside. The McDonald's Metropoli has a veranda on the second level where the afternoon light was great. As soon as we got outside however, Kiara saw Jollibee right across the street and couldn't stop pointing at it.

Yes, she's still looking at the Jollibee signage here.:D

And here. Hehehe...

Kiara's "muk-asim" look.

We went back inside to the party.


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