Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My FB Fan Page and other announcements

I was supposed to publish this entry last night when something went wrong and I lost the two paragraphs that I had already written. Grrr. Since I was already tired and sleepy, I decided I'd just rewrite and publish it early this morning. But when I got up at around 6am (I was supposed to go jogging), it was raining softly and it really felt like Christmas outside. I woke Pete up to show him, and I even told him "Nag-time travel ba tayo?" Hahaha. So, I went back to bed with the beautiful sound of the rain in my ears. And then I overslept for 3 hours! Argh! So, here I am trying to rearrange my schedule for the day (No, make that for the week!) to make up for the 3 hours that I lost this morning. Not cool!

Anyway, I wanted to post a few announcements to start this week off.

1. I have a Facebook Fan Page! Hehehe. My friends and some clients have been asking me to put one up and although I recognize the value of it, it just felt too weird to make a fan page for myself. So, last week, my dear friend Lyra put one up for me. Lyra has been such a big help in my business the past few years, and now she's officially my number one fan (on FB that is.:P) and the keeper of my fan page!:D Last time I checked, I had only about 60 friends over there. So, if you could, please check it out. That way I wouldn't feel so pathetic. Hehehe. Just kidding. As of now, we're just using the page to mirror my updates on this blog, but we're trying to cook up a few things so I hope you stay tuned for them.:)

2. I have released updated packages for kiddie events and portraits. So, if you have my old rates and you're interested to book me soon, please email me again.:)

3. Due to some personal reasons, I will be cutting back on kiddie party bookings starting July.  I will only be accepting around 3 to 4 kiddie events per month for the rest of the year. As of today, I am already fully booked until June, I have 1 more slot for July, and a few more slots for August until October.  I will start accepting bookings for November next month.

I will however be setting aside a few weekends for portrait sessions. Last year, I got a lot of inquiries for holiday portraits. Unfortunately, I couldn't accommodate all of them because my schedule was full. This year, I will start accepting bookings for holiday portraits starting August. Holiday portrait sessions will start in September. I will be announcing the schedule as well as possible venues on this blog as soon as I finalize my schedule.

As for non-holiday portraits, you may inquire anytime, and we can talk about the schedule. Starting July, I will also be setting aside some days to focus on non-holiday portraits. :)

And because blog entries are so much better with photos, here are a few of the cute babies that I shot just this past weekend.

Saturday morning, I was up early to shoot Zoe's portraits in MOA. Isn't she adorable?

Saturday afternoon, I worked with Jhoanne of Polkadots at Gab's birthday party!:)

Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing little Bella's baptism. 

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