Friday, August 20, 2010

Zoe: Pre-event pictorial

On an early Sunday morning last April, we drove down to MOA to shoot Zoe's portraits.  When we met up with the family, Zoe was sitted quietly on her stroller and Mommy Janice told us she had just woken up.  I thought it would take a while for her to warm up, but as soon as we started the pictorial, and as soon as she saw her favorite Jollibee toy, she was all smiles.  The session lasted less than an hour because the warm and humid air easily tired Zoe out (as well as the rest of us) and she started getting a bit cranky.  We did get a lot of really great shots!

Here are some of my favorites.

First few shots. Zoe was reaching out for her Jollibee stuffed toy on the left photo...

So, we finally let her play with it for a while.

You can see her first tooth in this photo.:)

This was the photo that they chose for the canvas frame.  And I love it too.  Zoe looks like a model for a
clothing catalog here.:)

I love the lens flare and the colors! Too bad the carousel was still closed at that hour.

Zoe was already getting a bit grumpy at this point, so we brought out her other favorite toy and we got a few more laughs out of her.  This one was one of my favorite shots from the day.

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