Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paco is 8 months old today!

Our little baby is growing up so fast! He started crawling just a few weeks ago, and now he's learned to  stand up and even likes to show off by supporting himself with just one hand. If it was exhausting taking care of him before, I can't even begin to describe the torture my muscles go through daily these days. I don't regret the decision Pete and I made to take care of him ourselves though (That's right, no yayas, no other caregivers). Even if it means I need to limit my bookings. Even if it means I can only work around 2 hours during the day and have to work late at night to make up for it (just like tonight). Even if it means I get a backache every single day. It's all worth it. Yep, I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

I try to take photos of him as often as I can. Here are just a few from this month.


  1. awww. oh gosh, ging! he is so cute! and big na! so lucky little boy. kisses to him from ate sophie. :)

  2. Thanks Sieggy! Malaki na rin si Sophie! Hope to see you guys again soon!:)

  3. Hi Ging! Spending time with your baby is worth it. Enjoy!


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