Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 decades...

This will go down in history as the year I spent my birthday in the hospital. It will be right up there on my list of worst birthdays along with the time in high school when I spent the whole day running around taking exam after exam (and doing miserably in each of them, if I remember correctly), and the one seven years ago, when the 9/11 attack had just happened and Pete was in the States.

Yep, yesterday was my 30th birthday. Pete was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday night due to high fevers and chills since Monday night. The only thing worse than spending my birthday in the hospital was seeing my husband sick. The good news is that he was tested negative for dengue and typhoid. He's doing much better now, but the doctors want to keep him until the symptoms totally disappear. That means we will definitely be spending at least one more night at the hospital, so please forgive me if I don't get to answer your emails on time.

On a much lighter note...

I spent many months dreading the day I would turn 30. In fact, as soon as I turned 25, I didn't really want to get any older. But, the past couple of months, I started realizing that turning 30 isn't really all that bad. In fact, when I looked back, I realized I spent the first 25 years of my life trying to grow up, and just the last 5 years actually living my life. And that's why I decided that instead of approaching the big 3-0 kicking and screaming, I was going to welcome it with open arms. I decided to hold a very intimate party last Saturday. It was just with family and really close friends and colleagues. I had a blast!

Before showing you the photos, I wanna thank my family and friends who came. And I also want to thank my "suppliers".;) I am not in the habit of asking for freebies at all but I feel so grateful because these ladies volunteered their services for free.:D Jhoanne Alon of Polkadots Events made the place festive with fuschia and black balloons. EJ Belen-Litiatco made me feel pretty for my special night (Oh, and thanks also to EJ's sister Mara for doing my hair). And of course, Ces Kasilag took great photos. Thanks guys!

Here are some shots by Ces.

My cupcakes with hot pink Canon 5D toppers!:D

What I loved about my party was that most of my friends brought their kids. Here I am with my favorite nephew Liam!:)

With Pete, my OTD coordinator and second photographer for the party.:)

My girls, Lyra and Chen.:)

Apparently, I can carry a tune.;)

More photos from Ces HERE!

Thank you also to everyone who texted/emailed/left messages yesterday. You guys made my day much much better.;)

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