Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alexa Stephanie: Baptism

October 5, 2008
Christ the King Parish
Outback Steakhouse

When Alpha first emailed me about photographing her baby daughter's baptism, I thought her name sounded so familiar that I had to ask if she ever lived in Tacloban many years ago. It turned out I was right! I first met Alpha over twenty years ago, when she was one of my older sister's grade school classmates. She, along with some of their other friends, used to spend a lot of time at our house back then. I was in 2nd grade and they were in 6th grade, and I remember wishing I could be as cool as they were when I got older. Hehehe. Alpha was thrilled when I told her I knew her because she said she had actually been trying to locate my sister for a long time. Small world, right?:)

Even though we didn't get to meet up before the event, I already felt comfortable working for Alpha and her family. She still has that same warm smile that I remember from way back in the 80's.:D

Here are some of my favorites from the event.

The baptismal attire. The photo of the pink dress was taken at the chapel before the ceremony, and while I also took shots of the baptismal gown at the chapel, I liked the ones I took at the reception venue more.


Alexa talking to Daddy before the ceremony.

One of my all-time favorite baptismal shots so far. This part of the ceremony takes about 3 seconds in total, so while I have taken many many versions of this shot, some are just better than the others.
They weren't able to get the private baptistry but luckily, there was only one other baby to be baptized together with Alexa, so I was able to get great angles.Photobucket

The pretty cupcakes.:)Photobucket

Alexa holding on to her presents.:)Photobucket

The lighting and colors outside the restaurant were perfect for the short pictorial. This next one was one of my favorite shots from the day.Photobucket



A couple more of Alexa during the reception.Photobucket


Please click HERE for more photos!

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