Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Caitlin: 1st birthday party

August 23, 2009
Rustica Restaurant

I had already blocked this date about a year ago when my friend Lyra told me not to take any bookings on my inaanak Sam's birthday because she wanted me to be there as a guest. Considering I rarely get to enjoy parties as I guest, I was really looking forward to it. However, when Lyra and family decided to move to Vietnam earlier this year, and it wasn't clear if they could celebrate Sam's birthday here, I inadvertently cleared the date and got a booking. I was so sad to realize that I was going to be missing another big event in Sam's (and Lyra's) life (I also had to work during Sam's baptism last year). When I got to Rustica however, and I saw that I was going to be working with Jhoanne Alon (Polkadots Events), and I saw the simple yet beautiful decorations and the pretty little details, I knew it wasn't going to be so bad. When I found out this was going to be a very intimate party with just close friends and families, and I knew I was going to enjoy it. And although I missed my inaanak's party, I was so glad it was so I could work with such wonderful clients. Caitlin, Mommy Grace, Daddy Fred, and their families were such a joy to work with. I'm glad I got the chance to be at Caitlin's party that day.

Some of my favorites from the party:

I love this shot of the dress. This might be one of my favorite dress shots so far.:)

Silver shoes!

I loved taking photos of the cake and cupcakes. If you leaned in just a little bit, you could already smell their yumminess!

Lovely set-up by Polkadots.

We took some outdoor photos of the family before most of the guests arrived. I loved working with these guys because I felt that they trusted me. They are also photography enthusiasts so they understood how I work. And Grace knows and likes my style, so she was very open to my suggestions.

Some solo shots of Caitlin.

I had to follow her around for a bit, but she finally warmed up to me.

My favorite shot of Caitlin.:)

When she got into her party dress, I tried taking more solo photos of her, but she wouldn't keep still long enough. I love this shot though.

Wanlu is Grace's uncle. So, naturally he was there to perform.

Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes.


  1. Hi Ging,
    THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being our photographer. It really really means a lot, knowing that you could have chosen to be just a guest in another event and enjoy that moment with important people in your life, yet, you didn't. You proceeded with rendering your service to us. You are so professional and so patient and gentle with Caitlin. I am so happy we have chosen you. I love your photos. I will surely get you again in future events...sana lang wala nang kasabay na special occasion for you as well. Hehe. Regards,Grace

  2. Hi Grace!

    Thanks so much as well for giving me the honor of photographing Caitlin's birthday party. And thank you for appreciating my work. It really means a lot. Here's looking forward to more events with you and your family in the future.:)

  3. mga ilang balloonderitas kaya nagamit nyo po at table centerpiece? dyan kasi magbday din twins ko sa august.


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