Friday, January 08, 2010

Jacque: 36-second headshots

I first met Jacque when she booked me to photograph her baby girl Simone's 1st birthday party a couple of years ago. It was great working with her then. A few months later, I was happy to find out she has started her very own party planning company called Party Boosters. And now, she has become one of my favorite party planners to work with.:)

We were able to work together at a party recently, and when the client asked us to take a break and eat, I ask Jacque if she wanted me to take a few headshots of her first. I saw that the light outside was great and I didn't want it to go to waste. I told her she could use the photos for her Facebook profile. Hehehe.

Lest we be accused of wasting our client's time, let me assure you that the whole "pictorial" lasted exactly 36 seconds. I checked the time stamps on the photos.;)

I took about a dozen shots, but these are my favorites.:)


  1. BWAHAHA...winner ka talaga ging!!! love it!!! lalo yung first pic, parang im 10 lbs lighter! hahaha. thanks so much!

    more parties together! love yah! :)

    and yes, this will go directly to my FB. ayos!

  2. Hey Jacque! Will email you the hi-res files.;)


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