Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Orcinos plus Lola: Holiday portraits

I did a few holiday portraits during the last quarter of 2009. I actually got quite a number of inquiries for holiday portrait sessions but unfortunately, I couldn't accommodate all of them. This year, I plan to start booking holiday family portrait sessions as early as September.:)

This session was done around mid-November (Now, I remember! It was the day Pacquiao knocked out Cotto. Hehehe.). These photos were supposed to go up on this blog last month in time for the holidays, but life just got so crazy that I wasn't able to do much blogging. Christmas season is officially over, but these photos are just too precious to not post.

Nikki, Dan, and Dwayne, along with Nikki's mom, have been featured in this blog a couple of times already. I always love working with them. Dwayne was a bit cranky during the shoot, but as I've learned in the few years that I've worked with kids, patience does pay off. We were able to take a lot of really great photos.:)

Nikki and I exchanged a few emails about the things that they could bring to the shoot to put a Christmassy touch to the portraits.  They brought this really nice Christmas blanket and a few red Christmas balls. However, Dwayne wouldn't have any of it. He didn't want to sit on the blanket and didn't even want to touch the balls. He didn't even want to see them lying in front of him! I don't know what I did here but he actually started smiling at me. At first I thought the yaya or Pie was making faces behind me, but when I looked, he wasn't looking at anyone but me.:D

The thin line between a smile and a wail. Hehehe.

With mummy and Lola.

Love these two.:)

There's just something that I love about this shot.

We found other ways to use the blanket.

Another one with Lola.

Some of my favorite shots!:)


  1. thanks for posting ging! belated happy holidays! :)

  2. Hi Nikki! Thanks ulit sa gift.:) Ingat!

  3. i miss the orcinos!!! :) ang ganda nga nung shot na candid ging. :)


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