Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Robert&Joy + Ellie: Family portrait session

In November 2008, I photographed the Paraguas. All 12 of them--mom and dad, kids and their spouses, and the grandkids. That was the first time I met Joy. She booked me to photograph their whole family after she saw photos that I took for Marty and Milo's baptism. Let me back-track for a bit and post a few shots from that session as it was one of my un-blogged shoots that year.:D

We did an early-morning pictorial (around 7:30AM) at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. The light was awesome! Here are a just few shots of the entire family.

I love this one.:)

I had a lot of favorites from that session, and this is just one of them. Here is Ellie with her equally cute cousin Elise. Look at all those colors!

Here is a beautiful solo shot of Ellie. 

I also took photos of each of the smaller families. Here are a couple of shots of the Garays.

Love this shot of Ellie!:)

Fast-forward to a year later...

Joy contacted me again to book a family portrait session, this time with just her, hubby Robert, and little Ellie. We did the pictorial at the same venue (Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife) last November 2009.  Since it had been almost exactly a year since I last saw them, it was a pleasant surprise to see how much Ellie has grown!

She's also become super active. We just let her do what she wanted and I just tried to follow her around with the camera. I have to say, it wasn't easy keeping up with her. :D

Ellie wanted to do some shooting herself.

The weather wasn't as friendly as we'd hope on the day of our shoot. It drizzled a few times during the pictorial, so the family had to take cover under one of the small huts around the park. Ellie wasn't too happy about it though.

They gave her ice cream, and that got her in the mood again.

When the rain stopped, we took the shoot into the open again.

And Ellie seemed glad to be able to walk around freely again.:)

If you look closely enough at this photo, you could still see the mist from the bubble that Ellie just popped.:)

Beautiful orange dress!

The next photos were my favorites from the session. I love them all so I'm just going to post all of them here.:D

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