Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Pascuals with Lola and Great-Grandpa: Holiday portraits

One of the best things about my job is the honor of being invited to take a peek into the lives of my clients.  I don't really ask a lot of personal questions, so it's always a nice surprise when clients trust me enough to share with me their stories.  I think getting to know my clients on some personal level helps me a lot when I try to capture their personalities in photos.

I first met this family over two years ago when I did the twins' baptism. I also photographed their first birthday party. I met them again last November for a holiday family portrait session and it was great seeing how much they've grown!  And now they're super talkative. As soon as I entered the gate Marty (or was it Milo?) asked me for "biskit" and told me "gutom ako." It was so cute.:)

I have to admit this session was a bit challenging. It wasn't easy getting two equally energetic little boys to stay still long enough for a formal shot. I had to shoot really fast, and as I was going through the raw photos after the shoot, I was relieved to see that I actually got a few good posed shots for the family's holiday cards.:D

Here are some of my favorites from the session which was held at the family's lovely new home...

The family--Daddy Marion, Mommy Marose, Milo, and Marty--in front of their beautiful tree.

Before long, the twins had to have their bottle break.

Meanwhile, I took a few shots of their Lola, Marose's mom.  I've had a portrait session with her before and she is such an elegant and graceful lady. Always a pleasure to photograph.:)

Marose's mom with her dad--yep, Marose's grandpa and the twins' great-granddad.

A not-so-posed shot. I love the light here though.

Another attempt at some family shots.:) I love the first one, but I think the twins'expressions on the second one are just cute. Hehehe.

We took the shoot to the garden.

They're fraternal twins but they look so alike that I still can't tell them apart (or maybe I'm really just bad at it. Hehehe.). Good thing they never wear identical clothes and I always have to remember which one is which whenever I shoot them so I could call them by their respective names. This one is Marty.

And this is Milo.

I had to take a couple of shots of Marion and Marose.

One of my favorites.:)

We decided to bring out the toys and let the kids play.

I suggested we let them decorate a tree. They brought down the small tree from the second floor of the house. I love these candid photos!:)

Probably my favorite from the session.

Some more formal shots before ending the session.

The kids didn't want to sit still anymore. I just kept shooting and fortunately, I got a couple of  useful shots out of the dozens.:D


  1. Hi Ging, I am so glad to see you posting again and I am glad you are doing well. As always, your pictures are wonderful. By the way, I was the one who emailed you about your lenses awhile back - so I am stalking your blog. *_~ Take care and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Beth! How are you? Thanks for always visiting my blog.:) I'd love to see some of your photos as well.:)

  3. hi ging! i can't find your email address in your website. can you pls email me your rates for baby photo shoot?


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