Thursday, March 04, 2010

Charm: 3rd birthday party

December 20, 2009
Tony's Bar and Grill

I've been taking photos of Charm since she was a couple of months old.  The family is based abroad but they would always come home every year and celebrate Charm's birthday with family and friends. It's been really nice seeing this little darling grow up into a beautiful little girl. Charm, with Mommy Odha and Daddy Arnold used to live in Jakarta, but late last year, they moved to Australia, so this party was Charm's advance birthday celebration (her actual birthdate is in February) and the family's despedida at the same time.  The party was small and there were a lot of familiar faces and it was held at a venue that's just a couple of minutes away from my parents' house in QC. So, yeah, I enjoyed it.:)

Oh, and did I mention the nice details?

And the dresses! I loved the dresses! Especially Charm's yellow ruffled dress that matched perfectly with Mommy Odha's hot pink dress.

Some more yummy details. Yanple (lead by Apple) did the venue decorations.

We took a few shots outside but Charm wasn't really in the mood and just wanted to back to her party.

Charm seemed to really enjoy her ice cream.:)

It's pretty hard to get a child at this age to pose for you especially when they're with friends.  So, I try to take nice candid shots instead. I love the next shots not because they're perfect in the technical sense but because they show how much Charm (and the other kids) enjoyed the party.

This show was a hit with the kids as well as with the adults.

Charm kept saying "It's my birthday!"

We took a few more shots after the party when most of the guests have gone home.


  1. thank you ging!

    make sure you're free on one of the weekends on February next year... perhaps the first weekend... we're planning to go home next year and celebrate her fourth birthday... =)

    oh, and kapag may 2nd baby na din siyempre... =)

    can't wait! =)

    odha and arnold

  2. I like the pictures of charm while playing with the bubbles..very candid and lovely :)

  3. hi can i ask how much is the party package in tonys bar n grill..many thanks...


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