Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Safina: 1st birthday party

January 24, 2010
Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse
Theme: Sesame Street

Another party that was so full of delicious details and a lot of fun!  I'll just go straight to the photos and let you see for yourselves.

We started at the family home to shoot some details and take photos of Safina and the family before heading for the venue.  Can I just say that the whole family was really nice and friendly.:)

Mommy and Daddy really know how to make Safina smile.  All I had to do was keep on clicking on the camera.:)

One of my favorite shots of Safina.  Daddy was just a few inches to her right ready to catch her in case she lost her balance.:D

The lovely family.  Safina with Mommy Evelyn and Daddy Jimmy.

As always, Kidstar Kastles did an amazing job with the venue!

Remember Mommy Emily who did her baby Lia beautiful birthday cake?  Well, she's Mommy Evelyn's bestfriend and she was not only the official coordinator at the party, she also made Safina's lovely birthday cake. I keep telling her she could make a business out of this.:)

The kiddie salons never ran out of kids lining up to get their hair or nails done.

A few family shots before the party started.

Host-magician Ruther was there. And every one enjoyed his program...including me!

Some of the titos and titas during one of the games.

Colorful hair!

This was during the giving out of the lootbags.  Safina kept looking at me as I was taking photos of them.:)

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