Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Exactly two years ago today, Pete hit the jackpot when I finally married him. Hehehe. Ok, maybe I hit the jackpot too. Seriously.

Pete is my rock, my foundation, my support. He lets me to be the best that I can be and pushes me to challenge myself and reach out for more than anything I can ever imagine. (And to those who are wondering, he was the one who encouraged me to keep using my maiden name to build my brand.) He is a strong force behind my business. He listens to me. And when I am down, he buys me ice cream, takes me to the spa, or simply hugs me really tight.:)

So, in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary, I am posting some of our photos from the wedding. But first, here is the oldest photo of us that I could dig up on the internet. This one is over 10 years old--yeah, way before either of us gained a couple of pounds or so. Hehehe. We do have photos taken earlier than this, but I think they're in a shoe box somewhere in my old bedroom.

And here are a couple of spreads from our wedding album which I haven't gotten around to finishing yet. Hee. I hope to have it ready before our next anniversary.:D

And finally, some more shots from the wedding by our talented photographers Kix Tavora, Edu Cortez, and Edison Reyes.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! May your years be richly blessed! Ang saya naman nung unang pic haha :D

  2. Thanks Neva! Mukhang totoy at nene pa kami no?:D

  3. pare,mare! happy anniversary! more blessings to come! God Bless! kulet ng lumang pic nyo..hehe me ganyan din kami ni richel!

  4. Hey! I recognize that old picture! Hehehe... :)

  5. Pare! Salamat! Musta na kayo dyan?:)

  6. Chen! Tagal na natin hindi nagcha-chat! Yup, birthday mo yan pic na yan. May date pa sa baba e. :D


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