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Tricia: 1st birthday party

April 12, 2009
T.G.I.Friday's ATC

I first met Lizza when I photographed Tricia's baptism about a year ago. Back then, I wrote how she was the nicest sweetest client I have ever had. Well, since then, I have met many others who are just as nice and as sweet as she is. However, a couple of months ago, Lizza did something that put her right on top of my list again. She texted me to ask if I was available for Tricia's birthday party. Unfortunately, I was already booked. She was very disappointed but said she would check out other photographers as well. A few days later, she texted me again to ask me if I was available on Easter Sunday, because if I was, she was going to try to reschedule the party just so she could book me. Yes, she MOVED the date of the party, rebooked all her other suppliers, just so she could get me! And all these she did just about a month before the party. Naturally, I was flattered beyond words, but I was also a bit nervous. I mean, now I really couldn't afford to disappoint her! Thankfully, she was very happy with the shots, and I am so happy that she was happy. And I can't wait to work with her again.:D

Here are some of my favorite shots from Tricia's party.

A few days before, Lizza and I were texting back and forth about possible locations to take pictures before the party. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to find good spots at Alabang Town Center or that we wouldn't be allowed to take pictures at all. I told her that I think the area right in front of T.G.I.Friday's would be great, if we could just take a few shots before security kicked us out. Fortunately, we were allowed to take photos and I got some of my favorite shots from that day.

This was Tricia's second outfit. I love how the red matched the restaurants red theme.

Lizza did some of the centerpieces herself.

I couldn't resist another shot of the red dress, this time by the restaurant's entrance.

More details.

The other dress. I love the polkadots!

The kids enjoying the magic show.

It was Easter Sunday, but the staff at the restaurant had on their Halloween costumes. I'm glad they were willing to take photos with the birthday family though.

We took a few shots outside the mall before it got too dark.

A cute shot of the family.


  1. thanks ate ging! galing mo talaga... sa wedding ko ha, hihihi

  2. galing..hehe glad my cousin's family found a brilliant photographer.. ^_^ thank you, and God bless your work!

  3. Hi Lizza! Your welcome.:) Sige abangan ko wedding mo.;)

    Hi Hannah! Thanks for dropping by!:)

  4. may pang-adult ba yung red dress ang cuuute! haha :D

    ging!! i'm patiently waiting for the time when i can ask you about your sked for david's birthday! haha

    di pa pala kami nakakapili ng pics (hala!)

  5. Hi Neva!

    Somehow, I can imagine you wearing the red dress. Hehehe. O baka gusto mo na sundan ng girl si David.;)

    Sige, abangan ko yung birthday ni David.:D

    Hindi ko pa rin napo-post yung baptism ni David so we're even.:D

  6. Hi Ging!!

    Ang gaganda ng photos! :) And I love how you captured her smile on the 2nd one (though I don't know Tricia personally..super ako natuwa seeing her picture! ang cute!!!)

    I never get tired of visiting your blog talaga..
    it makes me love kids more as well as celebration details with your photos :)

    P.S. Cali's Baptism pix are all great! And yung DVD cover and printed pix..ang gaganda talaga! :) even my mom and sisters loved it! Thanks Ging! And kunin ka namin on Cali's 1st bday ha..:)

  7. hi,

    im interested with your photography service for my daughter's baptism and 1st birthday on Jan 30, 2011. please send me a quotation of your rates.


  8. Hi Ging,

    I'm very much interested with your photography service for my niece's 1st birthday on April 29, 2012. Kindly send me the quotation of your rates.

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