Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 30th birthday, Pete!:)

Out of his 30 years, I have had the honor of knowing him for almost 15 years now. Yes, I first met Pete during Freshman year in college. He was only 15 years old--the youngest in our class. Whenever I think of those days, I always get the urge to hug him really tightly and thank him for staying in my life. I mean, come to think of it, you meet hundreds, even thousands of people in your life--and Freshman year in college is one of those times when you meet A LOT of new people--and yet very few of those people ever really "stick" with you forever. And every night I thank God (and I'm not kidding) that He allowed me to get stuck with the right guy.:)

Pete has definitely come a long way from being the little boy from Saudi whom I met in Soc. Sci. I, who had a photo of his pretty girlfriend in his organizer. (What can I say, he has always had great taste! Hehehe.) Now, he is all grown up with his GORGEOUS wife (Hahaha!) beside him.:D

To celebrate, we're looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend together (which is something we very rarely get to do anymore). Included in the itinerary are shopping, eating out, and watching Pacquiao's fight in the cinema.:D

Oh, and since every post should have a photo, here's one that I took at the HK Disneyland last month. Funny thing--he was wearing the same shirt and sunglasses in the photos that I posted on his birthday last year.:D I do think he looks even more handsome this year.;)


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