Monday, June 28, 2010

Addie: 1st birthday party

June 19, 2010
Northeast Greenhills Clubhouse
Party theme: Mario Bros.

I wanna start this week by posting one of my most recent kiddie parties. I photographed Addie's party just the other weekend at one of my favorite kiddie party venues. Mommy Rhea first contacted me around 8 months before Addie's party.  She said she regretted not getting a professional photographer for Addie's baptism so she wanted to make sure she got one for her baby's 1st birthday.  As soon as January came and I started accepting bookings for June, she contacted me immediately and made the deposit.  We didn't actually see each other in person until the day of the party, but she was wonderful to work with.

I was also surprised to see some familiar faces at the party--people who knew me when I was still an engineer. It turns out Daddy Albert works for the same company where a lot of people I knew from college work! Small world!:)

I think one of the indicators that a kiddie party is a success is when you see the adults having as much fun as the kids. During Addie's party, every one enjoyed the program and people seated at the back were on their feet by the time Chayno put on his magic act.

Here are some of the photos from Addie's Mario Kart party.

Addie's Mario costume.

The cake and the mini cakes!

Venue decorations by Kidstar Kastles led my Imma Ongteco.

See why I love this venue? (Of course, it doesn't hurt that Kidstar Kastles did a great job with the venue set-up either.)


These cute custom tumblers were the kiddie giveaways.

Each kid also got one of these pouches.

Addie enjoying all the attention.

It was still pretty hot outside when the guests started arriving, but I asked the birthday family if they wanted to take a few shots outside before the party started because we have had late-afternoon rains in the past weeks. I'm glad they agreed because it started to pour in the middle of the program!

Addie got a bit distracted at the playground, but we did get a few big smiles out of him.

One last shot before we headed back to the party.

Ice Monster was there to cool every one off.

Addie's cousin was in a cute Luigi costume!

The mommies during one of the games.

The daddies also had their chance to play.

And dance.:P

Chayno was a hit with the guests.

A closer look at the colorful birthday cake.

The grandparents cheering on their apo during the candle-blowing.


  1. Where is the venue of this party? :)

  2. Hi Didi! The party was held at the Northeast Greenhills Clubhouse.:)

  3. Hi Ging. Uy ikaw pala nagcover ng bday ng anak ni bets at rhea.

  4. Hi Kokoy! Yup, ako nga photog nila. :D

  5. Hello, would you happen to know where they bought the custom tumbler giveaways?

  6. hi,where po nyo buy mga party needs mario? im planning din kasi for my son's bday,,tnx

  7. Hi, I loved the invitations, would you happen to know where did they got them from? Thank you, awesome party, awesome memories!!


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