Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brent: 1st birthday party

March 16, 2008
Teriyaki Boy

Cher is an old friend of EJ(Hmmm...I just realized the last three entries before this also had something to do with EJ. Hehehe.), and I think I have actually met her before when I attended EJ's basic make-up class last year. Anyway, it was her son Brent's 1st birthday party the same day Pacquiao fought the controversial fight against Marquez, so naturally a lot of the guests wanted to finish the fight before heading for the party venue. Once the party got started however, the boxing match was all but forgotten. Everyone enjoyed the food and the games.

Brent wore a Naruto costume made by his grandma (if I'm not mistaken). The image on the left shows the small action figure that was the inspiration for his costume, with the costume in the background. The image on the right shows the cute costume on Brent and the action figure in his mouth.:D

It took a total of four adults to get Brent to wear the headband.

A family photo before leaving for the venue.

Brent is such an adorable little boy. He was very interactive and very friendly just like his mom Cher and dad MJ.

Some details from the venue. I love Japanese food and I was excited to learn that the party was going to be held at Teriyaki Boy.

When we got to the venue, I asked the birthday family for a very short pictorial.

Ok, I don't usually make appearances on this blog but I just had to post this photo of me with Cher and EJ. I actually felt like a real Plain Jane between these two lovely ladies. (Photo taken by Pete.)

Oh, let me just say that MJ and Cher are so nice and friendly. It almost felt like I've known them a long time. It's always great working great clients like them.:)

Please click HERE for the online gallery!

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