Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mother's Day mini sessions "FAQs"

We decided to announce these limited edition sessions at least a month early because we thought we needed that much time to get the word out. Now, less than two days after we posted the announcement, I've already received a lot of emails about it. But before actually signing up, here are a few questions that you may want to ask about the mini sessions:

1. I would like to book a mini session. How do I sign up?
To sign up for the shoot, you can just send me an email at to tell me that you are interested. Then you will have to make a PhP1000 deposit to secure your slot. We are requiring this reservation fee because there are only a limited number of slots and we want to make sure that none of them goes to waste. To be fair to everyone, you will only be considered booked when you have paid the reservation fee. We can hold on to your slot for a day after you express your intention to sign up (to give you time to make the deposit) before we make it available to others.

If you change your mind about joining the shoot a week or so before the session, you will get a 100% refund of your reservation fee. If you back out at least 2 days before the session, you will get a 50% refund.

2. How do I pay the reservation fee?
Once you've decided to book your slot, I will give you my account details and you may deposit the reservation fee (PhP1000) through the bank.

On the day of the shoot, you will be asked to pay the next 25% of the total fee (PhP500) and the last payment will be made after the delivery of the final output (frame and CD of images).

3. I would like to sign my mom up for the photo shoot. Can the whole family (including my siblings, their spouses and their kids) join the shoot so we can have our family portrait as well?
Please consider that this is not meant to be a family portrait session. This event is meant to be for the moms so 80% of the shots will be of the mom alone or with the dad. As much as we want the whole clan to join the shoot, photographing an entire family takes a lot of time and energy that a 30-minute session may not be enough. We can probably take a couple of shots of the whole family if there is time, but again, the focus of the session will be the mom. Small and/or young families are easier to photograph, so we can probably take more family shots or shots of mom with her baby/child. We will still take more shots of the mom alone though.

If you're interested in having a family portrait session, I'd be happy to do a regular photo session with your whole family. Regular sessions last for about 1.5-2 hours. Please email me so I can send you my rates. Oh, and don't forget to hire EJ to do make-up for you as well!;)

4. What do we have to wear for the photo shoot?
As you may have noticed, my style is more relaxed and casual, and I focus on capturing the personality of the model. This will definitely not be a formal portrait session, so please don't wear gowns and barongs (in case of the men). EJ will also be doing nice casual hairstyles and natural make-up fit for the photo shoot. We recommend light comfortable clothing preferably in bright solid colors. Now, "light and comfortable" doesn't have to mean t-shirt and jeans. You can still wear dressy clothes without looking like you're on your way to a wedding or a business meeting.;) Besides, this will be an outdoor shoot, so you would definitely want to wear comfortable clothes if you don't want to burn in the summer heat.

5. Do I get to choose what time my session will be?
If you book early enough, yes. The whole event will be from 8AM to 5PM. Although each photo session will only be for 30 minutes, we will only be having one session for every hour (with a 1-hour lunch break). This is to give time for the set-up of every session, and to prevent overlaps between the sessions.

Once you have made the deposit, you can check back with me so I can tell you what time slots are still available.

6. How early do we need to be at the venue?
Please be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the hour of your session (i.e. If you booked the 8AM-9AM time slot, you have to be at the venue on or before 7:30AM). This will give EJ enough time to do your hair and make-up and for you to be comfortable with the place (and with us) before the photo shoot. If you show up 30 minutes late (at 8:30AM for the 8-9AM slot, for example), EJ will not have time to do your make-up anymore as she will be starting on the next model's make-up. If you show up more than 30 minutes late, your photo session will be cut short (i.e. If you show up at 8:45AM for the 8-9AM slot, you will only have a 15-minute session, AND no make-up from EJ.) to give way for the next session. If you don't show up within the hour of your session, you will be considered a no-show and your reservation fee will be forfeited.

7. I would like to sign up my mom for the shoot but my sister and I also want to be in some of the photos. Can EJ do our hair and make-up as well?

The session fee only covers hair and make-up for the mom. However, EJ can do your hair and make-up for an additional fee. Please email me if you want to have this add-on. Again, please consider that our time for each session is limited. According to EJ, she can only do a maximum of 3 heads per session (including the mom). She will also be spending most of her time on the mom's hair and make-up.

8. I am a budding photographer and I have my own DSLR. Can I shoot my mom/wife/friend's mom/friend's cousin's wife on the side during your photo session?
As much as I love working with other photographers, this may not be the right time to do that. We promised "private photo sessions" and this means no other cameras but mine during the shoot. Being in front of the camera is intimidating enough for a lot of people, and part of my task is to make them feel more comfortable. Having a second photographer shooting on the side may not help.

Of course, you are welcome to shoot the model (if they agree, of course) at a different spot after their private session with me.:)

Having said all of that, we just want this to be a fun experience for everyone, so please be sure to read these guidelines to avoid being stressed out on the day of the shoot. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at

Hope to see you on May 11!:)

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